After Chuck Pierce prophesied a new watchman movement, I spent a year teaching people in London how to operate in the watchman anointing. Then I developed this course.

If you want to understand the times and seasons … If you are tired of getting blindsided by the enemy … If Jesus' words, “watch and pray” inspire you … this course is for you. If so, this course is for you.

While many people reject watchmen, God is putting a spotlight on this critical ministry of both warning and hope.

In the Walking in the Watchman Anointing course, I am sharing scriptural revelation and practical experience over two decades of standing in the office of a watchman in the nations. You will learn how to operate in this ministry to see what the enemy is doing and announce the coming of the King.

In the Walking in the Watchman Anointing, you will learn:

    • The critical role of a watchman.

    • How to discern if you are called as a watchman.

    • Protocols for releasing words of warning paired with words of hope.

    • Practical prayers, exercises, and activations for operating as a watchman.

The lessons are at least 45 minutes each and you watch them on demand.
The lessons include:


  • The Rise of the Watchman

  • Discerning the Call of a Watchman

  • The Role of a Watchman

  • The Warning Ministry

  • Cultivating the Watchman's Eye

  • Engaging with Angels

  • Engaging with Demon Watchers

  • Watching for the King of Glory

  • Practical Ways to Watch

  • Sounding the Alarm and Blowing the Trumpet

  • How to Watch and Pray

  • The Watchman's Watches

  • Watchman Pitfalls

  • Discerning False Watchman

  • Watchman Activations

  • And more!

Get equipped. Get activated. Get enrolled. 

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Classes begin July 29, 2021

You can watch this at your convenience, on demand, anytime.
You can watch one lesson each week through the series, as they are taped live every week for your learning.