When I got sick and tired of the enemy beating me up, I learned how to fight back. I lost a lot before I learned how to combat his wiles. But when I got equipped I took back everything the devil stole and more!

How much has the enemy stolen from you? Whether it’s time, money, family members or just your peace of mind,
you too can recover all!

Jesus told us the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy but that He came to give us an abundant life (see John 10:10). If the enemy is wreaking havoc on your life, it’s time to get equipped, sharpen your warfare skills and march into the enemy's camp for payback!

These classes will give you a strong foundation on spiritual warfare, then help you build on these skills to deal with onslaughts, specific demon powers, and more.

Get Equipped to Win the Battle & the War!

Walk in Victory with Jennifer LeClaire’s
School of Spiritual Warfare

I'm a time-tested spiritual warrior and a best-selling author of books including The Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to Defeating Jezebel, Satan’s Deadly Trio, Waging Prophetic Warfare and The Spiritual Warfare Battle Plan. Now, I want to teach you how to walk in victory over the schemes of the enemy against your mind, your body, your family and your finances–and any other area the wicked one may attack.

Most churches don’t teach much on spiritual warfare or go in depth, and many that do have an out-of-balance focus on the enemy. We have the victory in Christ, but we have to enforce that victory. In other words, we need to learn how to use the weapons of our warfare. I know how to fight and win and I want to teach you!

My goal is to train an army of spiritual warriors who are bold and wise. In my School of Spiritual Warfare, you’ll be taught, trained and have an opportunity to do spiritual warfare drills in a safe setting right from your home. As I always say, “An enemy exposed is an enemy defeated.” You'll send the devil fleeing!


Year 1 Lessons include:

  • Know Your Enemy
  • Your Authority In Christ
  • Understanding Your Spiritual Armor
  • Learning to Weild God's Mighty Weapons
  • Closing Open Doors to Enemy Attack
  • Winning the Battle in Your Mind
  • The Power of Praise & Worship
  • Breaking Curses, Hexes, Vexes, Incantations, Potions and Spells
  • Wrestling With Witchcraft and Winning
  • Waging Prophetic Warfare
  • David’s Secrets to Warfare Success
  • Discerning Seasons of War

Year 2 | Lessons include:

    • Intercessory Warfare That Brings Breakthrough
    • Dealing With Demonic Retaliation
    • Understanding Water Spirits
    • Activating Angelic Warrior Angels
    • The Mindset of a Prayer Warrior
    • Developing a Spiritual Warfare Battle Plan
    • Discerning Specific Spirits Attacking You
    • Apostolic Warfare 
    • Prayers that Paralyze the Python Spirit 
    • Breaking Jezebel Alignments & Assignments 
    • 5 Ways to Destroy the Works of Darkness in Your Life 
    • Spiritual Warfare Tactics for Overwhelming Victory

Year 3 | Lessons include:

    • When the Enemy Comes in Like a Flood
    • The Spiritual Power of Thrones
    • Dismantling Demonic Thrones
    • The Overcomer's Most Power Powerful Weapon of Warfare
    • Discerning Jezebel's Intercessors in Your Midst
    • What You Need to Know Before the Battle
    • Standing Against Adversarial Demons
    • Waging War on the Spirit of Weariness
    • Understanding the Antichrist's Anti-Anointing Agenda
    • Recognizing  Remnant Warriors
    • Waging War with a Prophetic Word
    • Should I Battle Principalities?

Year 4| Lessons include:

    • Spiritual Protection Against Enemy Attacks
    • Tactics for Resisting the Devil's Onslaught
    • Reversing Wicked Curses Laid On Your Life
    • Defeating the Leviathan Spirit
    • Leveling Demonic Mountains
    • Battling Enemies of Your Increase
    • Resting in the Warfare
    • Resting in the Warfare | Part 2
    • Resting in the Warfare | Part 3
    • Neutralizing the Enemy's Serious Threats
    • Neutralizing the Enemy's Serious Threats| Part 2
    • Standing Against Satanic Suddenlies

Year 5| In Progress | Lessons include:

    • 3 Keys to Maintaining Your Authority in the Spirit
    • Why Demons Attack at Night
    • 6 Things Prophetic Warriors Need to Know
    • 3 Levels of Spiritual Warfare
    • Discerning the Spirits that Attack You at Night
    • Severing Demonic Contracts
    • Deploying Joy as a Weapon
    • Spiritual Climates, Principalities & Prayer
    • Are My Warfare Prayers Working?
    • Working with Warring Angels


Thank God for today’s prophetic voices who will raise up a standard against the works of darkness. Jennifer LeClaire has been given an assignment to expose the works of Jezebel and other spirits that work together to destroy the lives of people. Her experience in contending with these unholy spirits will help those in similar situations overcome and receive victory.

Apostle John Eckhardt

Founder of Impact Network, Author of Prayers That Rout Demons, Crusaders Church Chicago

“Thank God for the new generation of prophets like Jennifer LeClaire that God is bringing forth at this time. I pioneered the prophetic movement in 1988, but we are now in the second phase of prophets and the prophetic ministry fulfilling God’s end time purpose for Christ’s Church and God’s Word to the nations.”

Bishop Bill Hamon

Author & Founder, Christian International Apostolic-Global Network

Church trends come and go, but the principalities and powers we wrestle with as the body of Christ haven’t changed for millennia. By peeling back the layers of this seductive spirit, Jennifer not only opens the eyes of unaware believers, she equips them for war. And having worked daily with Jennifer on the front lines of media and ministry, I know few others as battle-tested as she is in fighting this rampant force.

Marcus Yoars

Former Editor, Charisma

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Learning to Wield God's Mighty Weapons


Breaking Curses, Hexes, Vexes, Incantations, Potions and Spells


Intercessory Warfare That Brings Breakthrough


Developing a Spiritual Warfare Battle Plan


Discerning Specific Spirits Attacking You

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