God is speaking more than we're listening.

Many people struggle to hear God's voice so they walk in spiritual drought or miss God's will or His warnings. Some are even deceived by the enemy.

The prophetic voice of God is not difficult to hear if you cultivate a listening ear. When Jesus said my sheep know my voice, He was talking about you.

So how can you position your spiritual ears to hear what's on God's heart?

How can you better discern if you're hearing your own conscience, God's voice or the enemy?

How does God speak to His people today?

And why does it seem so hard sometimes to hear God clearly?

I've been hearing, responding to and releasing God's voice with accuracy and clarity for decades. I can help you gain confidence in your ability to hear, respond and share what the Holy Spirit is saying.

God wants you to hear His voice, and He wants you to share His words of life with others.


“Listening to the voice of God is a learned art, not a gift. Most people never master this skill and, therefore, forfeit life’s greatest pleasure: intimacy with their Creator. I know of no better way to learn this art than reflecting on the words of the Holy Spirit to a seasoned listener — like Jennifer. As you glean from her listening ear and watchful heart you, too, will learn to recognize the voice of your faithful Teacher and Friend, the Holy Spirit.” – Dutch Sheets. Internationally recognized author, teacher and conference speaker, Author of Intercessory Prayer


“The Word says, ‘In the morning You will hear me; in the morning will I present my case to You and then wait expectantly for an answer.’ Jennifer has shown us how to do this, how to talk to God and then hear Him answer our heart’s cry. She has laid it out so simply, yet it is so profound.” – Barbara J. Yoder, Senior Pastor/Lead Apostle

Shekinah Regional Apostolic Center, Breakthrough Apostolic Ministries Network


“Inside of every believer is the same desire to be with the Father and hear His voice. It is there where we find a love that is better than life, a peace that surpasses understanding, and an overflowing joy. It’s as we separate unto God and hear His voice that we discover again what we were created for. Jennifer invites us on a journey that, if embraced, will refresh your soul as you draw close to the Holy Spirit and encounter the still small voice of God in your life.” Banning Liebscher, Founder and Pastor of Jesus Culture

The lessons are at least 45-minutes minutes each and include class titles such as:

  • Expecting to Hear God Speak

  • Positioning Your Ear to Hear God's Voice

  • Learning Holy Spirit's Unique Language

  • Is that Me, the Enemy or God Talking?

  • Natural Ways God Speaks

  • Supernatural Ways God Speaks

  • Hindrances to Hearing God's Voice

  • Responding to the Voice of God

  • Releasing the Voice of God

Classes can be viewed on demand at your leisure.


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