If you want to see your nation transformed, you need to God’s original purpose for your city, how the enemy established a stronghold in the land, and how to tear it down.

In other words, you need a spiritual map.

In my series Breaking Demonic Strongholds in Your Nation, I’ll teach you the ins and outs of spiritual mapping, the skills you need to succeed in mapping your city, how to find God’s redemptive purpose, discern enemy strongholds, and create a divine plan to cast him out.

Prayer warrior, you need more than fervent effective intercessory power to drive transformation in your city. You need a spiritual map that paves the way to revival.


Classes include:

Spiritual Mapping 101

Why Spiritual Mapping is a Critical Practice

Skills & Qualifications of a Spiritual Mapper

Questions Every Spiritual Mapper Must Ask

Investigating the Past & Looking Into the Future

Recording & Interpreting Your Discoveries

Price: $149


Class begins October 29, 2023.