Spirit husbands and spirit wives—incubus and succubus—are tormenting believers all over the world. Some debunk the reality of these nocturnal sex demons, but if you’ve experienced an attack you know it’s real.

The question is, how do we stop it—and for good?


In this six-part series, I’ll teach you:


-The Dark Realm of Spirit Husbands & Wives
-Wicked Agendas of Spirit Spouses
-How Demons “Marry” Humans?
-Discerning Spirit Marriages & Covenants
-Divorcing Spirit Wives & Husbands
-Guarding Against Remarriage


Many are too embarrassed to ask their pastors for help with this sort of attack. This course will answer your questions and help you break free from these shameful, violent sexual polluters.


Get delivered from incubus and succubus and walk in God’s holiness.

Watch online on demand.


Price: $149