“Jennifer LeClaire is a seasoned equipper in the area of the prophetic with unselfish passion to see believers activated to flow in prophetic gifts and revelation.  Her book, Seer Activations is a powerful tool to give you practical exercises that are sure to position you to receive prophetic revelation, interpretation and activation.”


Patricia King
Author, Television Host, Christian Minister

“Jennifer LeClaire's Seer Activations is pure fire!  As you read, it will excite your spirit man to be released into a whole new level of seeing in the supernatural dimension.  The activations are simple, yet profound, and when practiced will open your spiritual senses to see, hear, sense and feel in an explosive new way.  Thank you Jennifer for this valuable tool to equip a Seer Company for this critical hour.”

Jane Hamon
Vision Church @ Christian International
Author of: Dreams and Visions, The Deborah Company, The Cyrus Decree, Discernment


I meet so many believers who tell me they can’t see in the spirit.
Here’s what I know: The enemy doesn’t want you to see in the spirit because when you do,
everything changes!

Give me 30 days and apply what I am teaching and you will see massive growth in your spiritual vision. The key is not just watching the videos, but applying the truth in faith and continuing to practice!

On the last 20 years, I’ve been on a prophetic journey with God—but in the last several years God has opened my spiritual eyes wider and wider. I want to activate you in this gift and challenge you to grow in this vital aspect of prophetic life. 


In the Seer Activation Challenge, you will learn:

  • Mechanics of seeing in the spirit

  • How to build your faith to see in the spirit

  • How to position yourself to see more clearly

  • Understand seer gateways

  • Avoid pitfalls of the seer dimensions

  • Practice seer activations

  • Impartation prayers

  • Q&A

  • And more!


I will personally walk you through 30 SEER ACTIVATIONS in individual short-form video teachings that you can tackle one at a time and watch over and over again on demand, as well as sharing some of my experiences in the seer dimensions along the way.


Of course, in each session I will pray for you.

Read what students are saying about The Seer Activation Challenge

“God has lifted me up on a new level when I pray over the nations He assigned to me years ago.”—Caterina

“This has been one of the most meaningful journeys ever that I've been on. I've been a seer for many, many years but no help in the churches with it and pastors just having literally NO idea what to do with me. I went through a lot to come to even realize the gift I was carrying and now I thank God for it because it is from Him.”—Sondra 

“I cannot thank you enough for this workshop on the Seer Activations. My spirit is exceedingly joyful in finally beginning to understand what I have been experiencing the past 40 years.”—Jenn 

“Woooooow!!! So much is happening. I feel at peace and sense the angelic activity around me and my household. Everything has new color, if that makes sense… I believe I’ve entered into a new realm and this seems more real to me than life. I am determined to continue and not let up for one moment. Thank you Jennifer, you are such an inspiration.  I want the pure flow of the prophetic released in my nation.”—Claire

“I want to thank you for confirming the mechanics of seers and talking about the seer dimension as it relates to your life. There have been many things that you explained, giving language to what I have always wondered about myself and could not find context for.”—Karen 

“Thank you for the Seers Activation class. My questions are being answered by your teaching and you show me how to go to God the right way. I have been seeing … It gives me hope to not push but to wait on God.”—Angelina

*Seer Activation Challenge 2.0 
is only available to those
who have completed
Seer Activation Challenge 1.0