Activate Your Spiritual Eyes Now!


You can see in the spirit!

Just like all believers can prophesy according to the will of God, all believers can see in the spirit when God chooses to open their eyes. Seeing is part of the gift of prophecy. It's just another dimension of the prophetic gift mix.


What you need is faith and an activation.


We took the Seer Activation Tour all over the world during the pandemic. Now, we're taking it digital!

Here's what you'll receive:


  • A 45-minute teaching that offers keys to seeing in the spirit

  • A personal activation prayer with Jennifer

  • Testimonies from others to build your faith


(Standard course is $29)

When you choose the premium package, you'll ALSO receive:


  • The Seer Activations book so you can continue exercising the gift

  • The Seer Dimensions book that explains all the manifestations of the seer realms

  • Bonus Teaching: The First Key to Dream Interpretation

  • Bonus Teaching: Discerning Soulish Dreams & Other Dream Interpretations

(the premium package is a $135 value for $69)