During a Facebook Live broadcast, the Lord spoke to me suddenly about prophetic children. I saw the eyes of children opening. I exhorted parents with children need to begin to teach them the principles of seeing in the spirit through the door of Jesus because they are going to begin to prophesy through dreams and visions. 


I knew instinctively this is going to start with dreams but as you nurture them in the realm of dreams and teach them and show them and encourage them, they’re going to begin to see visions. I heard the Lord say:


“Don’t be concerned when some of your children start falling into trances.  Don’t take them to the doctor because it’s Me, and they will come out of that trance and they will have prophetic insight, wisdom and knowledge on things to come because I’m showing them things that eye has not seen nor ear heard. 

“Encourage the young ones, encourage the children. Encourage them. Don’t push them away. Don’t tell them, ‘Later on I’ll talk to you,’ but take the time even now because in this season I’m pouring out My Spirit on all flesh, but I have a special eye on the young ones who have not yet been corrupted and polluted by the ways of the world. And I want to use them as pure voices and pure visionaries in their generation.


“So encourage them, teach them, show them the way. I am the Way and you will see and know that I will activate even the very young ones in these gifts and the gifts of My spirit, and they will see with clarity and know and understand even be able to articulate things that their human capacity could not possible comprehend says God.”


Let’s take this seriously. In Joel 2:28 God assures us: “And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your old men shall dream dreams, Your young men shall see visions.” When Joel prophesied those words, God wasn’t leaving out the children.


In this webinar series, guide your kids through child-friendly teaching on dreams and visions, as well as practical, age-appropriate activations that you can do together. Your child will learn and grow in the seer dimensions in a safe program under your direct supervision. 

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