There is a secret dimension in the spirit. In The Seer’s Dictionary, I define the secret dimension in the spirit where God reveals His secrets to those who fear Him.

Everyone—even God—has secrets. Choosing whether to—and to whom—a secret is revealed rests solely in the power of the secret holder.

You have the inherent ability to enter the secret dimension. God shares His secrets with two types of people: His servants the prophets and those who walk in the fear of the Lord.

In this seven part course, you'll learn about the reality of the secret dimension and how to tap into:


-The biblical reality of the secret dimension
-The secret of God's presence
-The secret place of thunder
-The secret demonic places
-The secret places and storehouses where treasures lie
-The secret war chest in heaven
-The secret counsel of God
-The secret counsel of demons
-The secrets in people's hearts
-And much more


Every seer needs to take this course! Armed with these secrets, you will be better prepared to navigate spiritual realms, deal with demonic onslaughts and walk in your high calling.

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