Elevate Your Prophetic With Online Training You Can Trust

You may have read my best-selling books, such as The Making of a ProphetThe Heart of the PropheticJezebel’s Puppets, or Waging Prophetic Warfare. You might also know me as the former editor of Charisma magazine, or maybe you’ve met me on my ministry tours.


My School of the Prophetic aims to help every believer tap into their prophetic potential, flow accurately in their prophetic expression, and advance in their prophetic calling. I want to do prophetic life with you! This is not just for prophets, but for those who want training, activation, affirmation and impartation in prophetic ministry. Watch a video with endorsements here.

You can find the School of the Prophets in the Bible. Samuel, a prophet who anointed kings, launched a school to train young prophets in Israel. Elisha followed up as head of that school.

My goal is to train and mentor prophetic voices who are accurate and will stand for truth. 

I am offering monthly courses so you truly have time to absorb the materials. Yes, you’ll have homework to take you deeper.

The price works out to about $19 a class, which is less than you’d spend going to Starbucks a few times. It’s time to invest in. yourself.


You will learn many things such as:


  • How to discern a prophetic call on your life

  • Determing your prophetic expression

  • How to cultivate an accurate prophetic voice

  • How to sharpen your prophetic intercession

  • Protocols for prophetic ministry

  • The statemanship of the prophet

  • Battling demons

  • And much more!

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My question is not answered here. Where can I get more information?

Yes, contact [email protected] for more details.

Can I start the online class at any point in the process?

Yes, contact our office.

Is streaming available in my country?

It is the registrant’s responsibility to check their country’s regulations prior to the event. We are using Livestream.com.

Do you offer scholarships?

Not at this time.

Can I purchase individual classes?

Yes, you can opt to purchase individual classes, but they are more expensive than the subscription. You can also choose to purchase the entire year. 

Where are the live classes being held?

Awakening House of Prayer

12950 W State Rd 84

Davie, FL 33325

There is not much parking in the main lot. However, there are signs that will point to an empty lot a block away. Free parking there.

What is your refund policy?

Once a student purchases an online course, no refunds or credits will be given.

Instructor Bio

Jennifer LeClaire is author of over 50 books, including The Making of a Prophet, The Heart of the Prophetic, Jezebel’s Puppets, or Waging Prophetic Warfare. She is also former editor of Charisma magazine, senior leader of the Awakening House of Prayer global movement, founder of Jennifer LeClaire Ministries, the Ignite prophetic network, Global Prophetic Center, Awakening TV, 365 Prophetic and Awakening mag. Jennifer has garnered endorsements from the likes of Dutch Sheets, James Goll, Cindy Jacobs and many others.


Year 1 Lessons include:

  • I Will Pour Out My Spirit
  • The Purpose of Prophecy
  • Levels of Prophetic Ministry
  • Types of Prophetic Communication
  • Tapping into Your Prophetic Potential – Part 1
  • Tapping into Your Prophetic Potential – Part 2
  • What's Your Prophetic Expression
  • Pursuing Intimacy & Intercession
  • Operating in Spiritual Gifts
  • Functioning in Prophetic Ministry
  • Prophecy is Fallible
  • Judging Prophetic Words

 Year 2 Include:

    • Prophesying In Critical Times
    • When To Release A Difficult Prophetic Word
    • Earmarks of True Prophetic Words
    • How & Why We Miss It Prophetically
    • Perceiving Remnant Prophets
    • Getting Rooted in Prophetic Ministry, Part 1
    • Getting Rooted in Prophetic Ministry, Part 2
    • 3 Ways to Raise Your Prophetic Water Level
    • Why Prophetic People Should Run in Companies, Part 1
    • Why Prophetic People Should Run in Companies, Part 2
    • Recognizing Prophetic Authority & Ranking
    • Discerning Your Level of Prophetic Authority

 Year 3 In Progress:

    • Growing in Your Prophetic Authority
    • More to come! 

Graduation Certificates Available Upon Course Completion