False prophets are arising at an alarming rate in these last days, as Jesus told us they would. Too often, believers are deceived and their lives ruined by prophetic witchcraft―messages and messengers that sound spiritually appealing but are actually destructive weapons of the devil.


I don’t want you to be next. I want to help you.


That’s why I’ve created a companion course for my new best-selling book, Exposing Prophetic Witchcraft, with exclusive content to help you expose—and overcome—prophetic witchcraft and hidden prophetic curses attacking your life.

This teaching is not from the book.

This course offers practical and spiritual tools to put into action what you learn in the book—and an opportunity to point your tough questions my way for revelatory answers.

I’ll also help you analyze, reflect and release prayers that expose any prophetic witchcraft attacking or operating in your life. Armed with the information in the book and the course, you are positioned to drive out all forms of prophetic witchcraft—and immediately discern and reject it next time it tries to creep into your life.


You can watch this at your convenience, on demand, anytime.

Get the book, then take the companion course and go deeper with me at a personal level. This course includes:

  • A Deeper Look into My Jezebelic Witchcraft Dream

  • Why Prayer is Your Most Potent Weapon Against Prophetic Witchcraft

  • 7 Individual Prayers to Shut Down Prophetic Witchcraft Attacking Your Life

  • 4 Subtle Ways the Enemy Snares Us in Prophetic Witchcraft

  • 4 Reflective Exercises That Expose Prophetic Witchcraft

  • 10 Tried-and-true Methods to Examine a Prophet’s Integrity