Give A Scholarship



Funding a scholarship allows individual, corporations and organizations to make a difference in the life of hungry believers who cannot enroll in a traditional seminary but are hungry to learn more about the ways of God and His kingdom. School of the Spirit scholarships can be life-changing for people who may otherwise never be able to afford to enroll in one of our courses due to financial hardship.

School of the Spirit alumni and individuals are welcome to fund scholarships to support students you know or students who have hardship status, including those in various nations of the earth who cannot afford our programs due to the exchange rates. You can create scholarships to target specific people groups or specific people. To create a scholarship to go to a specific people group, please click here to place a donation in the general scholarship fund and leave the group you wish to give to scholarship to in the message box at check out. 


  • Helping spread the gospel and fulfilling Christ’s mandate to make disciples
  • Tax concessions as your gift is tax-deductible.
  • Tapping into the law of sowing and reaping for rewards now and in eternity.