I’ve been attacked by demons in my sleep more times than I can count on two hands. In the aftermath of the attack, I woke up absolutely exhausted and found myself stuck in a vicious cycle that affected every area of my life.

Nocturnal warfare is real and it does more than keep you up at night.

What is nocturnal warfare? Simply put, it’s warfare that happens at night. But it’s more than spiritual warfare that happens after dark. It usually happens while you are asleep or to keep you from sleeping.

The nocturnal attacks on my life seemed random, but they weren’t random at all. They were calculated. I suffered from these attacks until I learned how to shut it down. Now, I sleep in peace.

In this seven-part series, I’m going line by line and precept by precept to teach you how nocturnal warfare works and how you can shut it down.

You’ll learn:

-The Reality of Nocturnal Warfare

-Why the Enemy Attacks at Night

-How The Enemy Attacks at Night

-Subtle Signs You’re Experiencing a Nocturnal Attack

-Spirits that Attack You in Darkness

-How We Open the Door to Nocturnal Attacks

-Breaking Nocturnal Warfare Attacks

Ask yourself, how much is it worth to shut the devil out of your night?


Watch on demand as many times as you want, and walk in breakthrough!

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