Many people asked me how they can pray like I pray–and get the results that I get. Well, it came from thousands of hours of study on prayer and practical prayer practice.

It doesn't have to take you 20 years to become a prayer warrior like me. You can get there faster when you apply my teaching to your prayer life.

  • Learn from a seasoned Spirit-filled prayer warrior

  • Discover time-tested, results-driven intercession techniques

  • Experience transformation in your prayer life

  • Accessible and convenient for your busy schedule

  • Learn at your leisure–or binge watch the sessions

Are you ready to see more prayer answers? Want to navigate deeper realms of intercession?

Join me today and unleash the power of prayer within you.

Join people from all over the world

Learn how to pray effectively and move in the gifts of the Spirit

Every week, over 1 million people from all over the world listen in and pray with me on my Mornings With the Holy Spirit prayer calls, which are based off my best-selling devotional.

I believe prayer is caught and taught. You can learn how to pray effectively and move in the gifts of the spirit with my School of Prayer & Intercession.

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Watch your prayer life grow with personal prayer and intercession classes!

Your prayer life will be inspired, energized and absolutely transformed with these practical teachings and prayer revelations.

You may have heard my spiritual warfare prayers at conferences my hearts cries of intercession during my Mornings With the Holy Spirit prayer calls. But I didn’t always like to pray.

Honestly, I used to run and hide in the bathroom when I thought the corporate prayer leader was going to call on me to pray. I never enjoyed prayer until I caught the spirit of prayer, found intimacy with my heavenly father and started seeing prayer answers.

Important Details

Each teaching video is between 45 minutes and an hour;

Includes a teaching on prayer; and Jennifer praying over the group to catch the spirit of prayer.



Choose monthly access, the entire vault or individual classes.



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Ignite My Prayer Life

 Join a monthly video teaching with Jennifer.

 Join a Facebook group and interact with others.

 Weekly emails to inspire you

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Choose any class you want to take.

There are over 100 courses in our growing prayer library.

Choose specific courses that solve your prayer problems or inspire your prayer life.

Study at your own pace.

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Lessons Include

  • 7 Truths About Prayer You Need to Know Right Now

  • Pulling the Right Gear From Your Prayer Toolbox

  • Understanding Your Authority in Prayer

  • Breakthrough Prayer

  • Understanding the Ministry of a Prayer Warrior

  • Prayer Strategies for Prodigals & Lost Loved Ones

  • Prayer Strategies For God's Vindication in Your Life

  • Waging War With the Prophetic

  • Tapping Into the Power of a Decree

  • Prayers That Unlock Favor, Increase and Power

  • Strategic Prayer Lessons From Rees Howells

  • Standing As A Nehemiah Intercessor


Lessons Include

  • Activate

  • The Power of A Decree

  • The Role of the Watchman

  • Breaking Evil Decrees

  • Building an Intercessory Prayer Team

  • Gatekeeper Intercession

  • Tapping Into Prophetic Intercession

  • Crisis Intercession

  • Releasing Imprecatory Prayers

  • Travail

  • Fasting Prayers for Ultimate Breakthrough

  • Engaging in Militant Intercession


Lessons Include

  • Working With Angels

  • Effective Prayer for Leaders

  • Understanding & Avoiding Witchcraft Prayers

  • Prayer That Stops Pandemics, Plagues & Pestilences in Their Tracks

  • The Power of a Book of Acts Prayer

  • The Role of an End-Times Intercessor

  • The Daniel Prayer

  • Prayers that Spark Revival

  • The Power of Day & Night Prayer

  • The Anna Anointing

  • Overcoming the Enemies of Your Prayer Life

  • Governmental Intercession


Lessons Include

  • Prayer Power in Repentance

  • The Psalmist's Secret to Answered Intercession

  • On-Site Intercession: Praying with Proximity

  • Interceding in Light of God's Judgment

  • The Ezekiel “Gap” Anointing

  • Discerning Jezebel's Intercessors in Your Midst

  • Discernment in Prayer & Intercession| Part 1

  • Discernment in Prayer & Intercession| Part 2

  • Praying with Persistent Perseverance

  • Discerning Remnant Intercessors

  • Keys to Determined Prayer that Drives Breakthrough

  • Standing in the Gap for Nations


Lessons Include

  • Discerning Your Prayer Assignment

  • Discerning Your Prayer Assignment| Part 2

  • Discerning Your Prayer Assignment| Part 3

  • Undercover Intercessors

  • The Rise of Power Intercessors

  • Signs of Intercessory Prayer Burnout

  • Overcoming Intercessory Prayer Burnout

  • Avoiding Intercessory Burnout

  • Signs Your Prayer Life is Under Attack| Part 1

  • Signs Your Prayer Life is Under Attack| Part 2

  • Signs Your Prayer Life is Under Attack| Part 3

  • Breaking Attacks Against Your Prayer Life


Lessons Include

  • Breaking Attacks Against Your Prayer Life| Part 2

  • Breaking Attacks Against Your Prayer Life| Part 3

  • 6 Ways Prayer Prepares You for Persecution

  • Building Through Prayer

  • Interceding Through the End Times

  • How to 10x Your Prayer Life

  • Receiving Prayer Mantles from Mothers & Fathers

  • Discerning Prayer Breakthroughs

  • Why You Should Pray for People You Don't Want to Pray For

  • How to Pray in Times of Crisis

  • Establishing a Spiritual Beachhead Through Prayer


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