Living in the Spirit is more than moving in signs, wonders and miracles. Living in the Spirit is being empowered by the Spirit. Living in the Spirit is receiving guidance from the Spirit. Living in the Spirit is keeping in step with the Spirit—and so much more.


So how do you live in the Spirit?


In my new series, I’ll teach you how to live a life that attracts the presence of God, positions you for promotion, brings breakthrough blessings, and so much more.

In this 11-part series, you'll learn from class titles such as:

  • What is Living in the Spirit?

  • Why You Should Live in the Spirit

  • What Spirit Are You Living In?

  • Sowing to the Spirit

  • The Greatest Power of All

  • Living in Unspeakable Joy

  • Living in Supernatural Peace

  • Living Frustration-Free

  • Living in God's Kindness

  • Living in God's Goodness

  • Living in God's Faithfulness

  • Living With a Gentle God

  • Living in the Goodness of God

  • Living Under Holy Spirit's Control

This course will be available starting September 18, 2022.

Watch on demand at your convenience!

PRICE: $49