Do you just sometimes know in your knower? You know that you know that you know but you can’t explain how you know? If so, you need to school your gift and keep it stirred up so you can grow in your knowing and move accurately in this manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

Very few people talk about this gift, but people flow in it more than they realize. This is a legitimate gift of the Spirit that falls into the category of discernment. So how do you steward your knowings? How do you know if you what you know is right? How do you stand in intercession? There's a lot to learn. 

In this eleven part series, you'll discover:

-The ins and outs of your sixth spiritual sense

-How to know if you are a knower

-How to grow in your spiritual sense of knowing

-How to judge the accuracy of your knowings

-How to avoid the pitfalls of knowings

-How to steward your knowings

-Standing against knower warfare against your mind

-Releasing the knower's intercession

-An activation prayer!

And more!

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