Are Jezebel's Intercessors Preying on You?

Jezebel's intercessors are on a mission to steal, kill and destroy what God is trying to build in your life, your church, your business or your city! 

Jezebel's intercessors seek information so they can pray against you instead of for you. These nefarious prayer warriors secretly war against you and God's plans and purposes in the earth. Inspired by a wicked principality found in both the Old and New Testaments, Jezebel's intercessors release subtle witchcraft prayers that work against the petitions of true intercessors.

Make no mistake, Jezebel's intercessors may sound eloquent but the spirit behind their prayer is not holy. Jezebel's intercessors present a serious problem in the church today, a problem that can affect you personally. 

As the leader of hundreds of prayer warriors, I've dealt first hand with Jezebel's intercessors more times than I can tell you. I've learned to discern them and their destructive agenda from miles away.

Now, I want to teach you how to discern, confront, and combat the witchcraft prayers Jezebel's intercessors release against your mind and body! You can shut down Jezebel's intercessors in your midst.

In this 10-part series, filled with Scripture and practical stories that drive the point home, you will discover:


– Who Jezebel really is and what drives her

– The qualities of Jezebel's intercessors

– Why Jezebel is attracted to intercession

– Why Jezebel's intercessors are so dangerous

– Clear signs you're dealing with Jezebel's intercessor

– Discerning and breaking witchcraft prayers

– How to confront Jezebel's intercessors

– Deliverance from Jezebel's witchcraft

And much more!


An enemy exposed is an enemy defeated. Let me help you defeat the assignment of Jezebel's intercessors so you can see God's breakthrough in your life.

Watch on demand at your leisure. 


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