Do you have hidden curses in your life? Let’s deactivate them!

I had a generational curse of addiction on my life and didn’t know it until I knew it. It was what we call in deliverance circles a “hidden curse.”


After I got saved I traced the family curse all the way back to my great, great grandmother, who used to make moonshine and spent every day drunk.


But catch this: The generational curse on my life was not activated until I was a teenager. That’s when I was exposed to drugs and alcohol and gave into temptation. 


After that, I struggled with one form of addiction or another until I discerned and deactivated the generational curse. I broke the bloodline curse!


Now, I’m walking in the generational blessings—and I want to help you reverse the curse. You may not see hidden curses in your life. But through this deliverance course you will not only see them, you’ll be equipped to deactivate every generational curse, bloodline curse and family curse—and walk in generational blessings. 


Don’t let the enemy steal, kill and destroy your life because on the sin of your ancestors. Jesus came to redeem you from every curse and deliver you into generational blessings. 


Armed with revelation and an understanding of your authority in Christ, you’ll will be positioned to see greater prosperity in all areas of your life—physically, relationally, emotionally, financially and more. 


Don’t wait another day to tap into the truth that sets you free.

The lessons are at least 45-minutes each and include topics such as:

  • Can a Christian be Cursed? 

  • Identifying the Cause of the Generation Curse

  • Discerning the Signs of a Generational Curse

  • The Laws Governing Curses and Blessings

  • Redeemed from the Curse 

  • Deactivating Generational Curses

  • Severing Demonic Covenants & Contracts

  • Activating Your Curse-Free Life | Part 1

  • Activating Your Curse-Free Life | Part 2

  • Walking in Generational Blessings

Classes can be viewed on demand at your leisure.

PRICE: $197