Can I watch the broadcast if I miss it live?
Yes, you can watch it on demand at your convenience.
How do I catch the replay of a broadcast?
Log in with the user name and password you created when you registered at the Course Login link at the left hand side of the logo at the top of the page. You can also login here: https://schoolofthespirit.tv/course-login/


What if I lose my password?
Please use the “Forgot Your Password” link on the course login page: https://schoolofthespirit.tv/course-login/
How do I cancel my class?
If you signed up for a monthly subscription to a monthly training, you can contact our office for help. If you signed up for an entire school and opted for a payment system, you cannot cancel those payments. It's not a subscription. It's a payment plan.


I am getting an embedding error. What do I do?
In order to view many videos online (except YouTube and Vimeo and Facebook) you need a browser that includes Flash. We recommend the Google Chrome Browser as this is what seems to provide the best experience with the Livestream platform we use. Please know that Apple products do not include flash, but you can download Firefox or Chrome on Apple products.


Why must I go through the checkout process to access a free course?
When you access your first free teaching you must either login into an existing account or register a new account in order to get the free resources access pass. Registering for an account requires your mailing address. It is important that you fill out all the fields on the checkout page.
Why do I see a lesson from a Tier I did not enroll in?

For some courses that have multiple tiers, you may see the titles and links for content only avaible to a higher tier. If you try to open these pages you will get a message that will prompt you to upgrade to the tier required to access the content. You can either skip over this content by clicking the next link in the course lesson table or by clicking “Next Lesson” at the bottom of the lesson page.

How can I keep track of which lessons I have completed?

There is a small “Mark Complete” button at the end of each lesson on the lesson page. If you click this, the gray checkbox under the “Status” column in the “Course Content” table will turn green. This feature is so you can keep track of where you left off. If you are taking a course that has a certificate all the lessons must be marked complete to get the certificate.