BEGINS JAN. 18, 2020

We're stuck in the day-in and day-out mundanity of life. But God wants us to dream with Him. He gives us the desires of our hearts, and He wants us to build ourselves up in our faith and pursue those dreams.

The enemy comes with doubt, unbelief, religious thinking, and other obstacles to combat our dreams. Ward off spiritual attack and achieve your dreams with a prayer action plan.

After receiving one wild prophecy, I was inspired to chase after the God of my dreams–the One who ultimately makes all dreams come true. I'm putting on my life coach hat for this one.

This is the Dream Wild prophecy that changed my life. I heard the Lord say:

I am marking you with my glory. I am changing you from the inside out. It's time to embark on a new season of chasing Me. You will be more effective. You will be more efficient. You will do more with less. You can't see it. It's hard for you to believe it but I am the author of it.

Take the limits off. Take the lid off. I am opening new doors for you. It's not just about favor. I'm shifting you from favor to open heavens. You will not strive but you will not lack. I have gone before you to make a way for you. The divine connections are right around the corner. They are just ahead. You will see them and know them.

I am indeed giving you double for your trouble. I will put in your hands as much as you can believe Me for. How much can you believe Me for? Dream again. Dream big dreams. Dream wild dreams. Dream with Me and I will dream with you.

  • Develop faith to dream wilder

  • Unlock your wild dreams with Holy Spirit's help

  • Draw inspiration to dream wild

  • How to take the lid off your God-given dreams

  • Fighting fear and pressing past failures

  • Overcome frustrations and rooting out doubt

  • Deal with the impatience that pushes you to quit

  • Slam the door on procrastination

  • Send perfectionism packing

  • Weather wild adversity and war against weariness

  • Create a life vision and a Spirit-led plan

  • And much more….


Jennifer has created an incredible resource for you. I am literally using it now with my wife to believe for upgraded dreams and to shed off some old patterns and unbelief. I think this book works so well because Jennifer shares vulnerably about her life and what she experienced before her dreams were fulfilled. She touches on the theological points from a very personal perspective. She takes you on a discipleship journey that is in bite-size but very meaty pieces.


When applied, this tool will cause you to make different choices because you will be tying your whole value and identity to Jesus. You will release wrong thinking and bad beliefs or fears. You will allow yourself to dream with God, and I am convinced you will come out on the other end, standing in the middle of dreams fulfilled. The change will be so dramatic, you won’t even recognize your life, nor will longtime friends and family, because it will be more amazing than anything you could have built on your own.


Shawn Bolz

Director Bolz Ministries (

Author of Translating God, God Secret’s, and Keys to Heaven’s Eonomy 



Includes the Dream Wilder course with the CD, T-shirt and key.

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BEGINS JAN. 18, 2020


Includes the Dream Wilder e-course.



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This is a CD of prophetic words, sounds and deceesthe defy impossibilites. This is Jennifer prophying words of the Lord against music that will help you remember the words!

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Inspired by Jennifer’s Dream Wild revelation, this T-shirt will remind you to take the limits off God. You can also pickup the CD, Dream Wild with prophetic words, songs and decrees that defy impossibilities.

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In today’s world of moral challenge, financial crisis, and spiritual struggle many believers have lost the ability to dream big dreams. Dreaming big is essential to stepping into the supernatural realm and seeing impossible things made possible to see our world transformed as Jesus commanded. In Dream Wild Jennifer LeClaire targets and destroys every mind-set of limitation, and inspires us to work with God to see our wildest dreams come true and our highest prophetic purpose fulfilled. Get ready to step into an explosion of possibilities!

Jane Hamon

Senior Leader, Vision Church at Christian International, Author, Dreams and Visions

This is not a book on interpreting your dreams or visions. Many Christians can now operate in the dream interpretation grace with ease, and for that I’m grateful. When it comes to actually dreaming God-sized dreams, however, many Christ-followers are intimidated. I’m convinced that many people dream short of what’s possible because they settle for vision that can be accomplished through human strength and ingenuity. We dream comfortable dreams because we are confident that we can accomplish them through our own resources and resolve. But there’s nothing risky about that. There’s nothing wild about dreaming what you can fulfill through your own ability. We’re okay with dreams that don’t scare us. But Dream Wild is a prophetic call to dream beyond yourself—dream beyond whatever you could “hope, dream or imagine” and actually tap into the kinds of dreams that can only come to fruition through the supernatural power of God.

Jennifer is a prolific author. She is also a good friend and trusted prophetic voice. I’m excited about this gift she is presenting to the body of Christ. It’s not simply written as “another book.” Chapter after chapter, entry after entry, you are receiving powerful prophetic words from the Lord laced throughout. One of my favorites comes early on in the manuscript. Jennifer writes, “I’d rather dream wild dreams and get half of what I am dreaming for than dream small dreams and get all of what I am dreaming for.” Amen!

Dream Wild gives you permission to take the lid off of what’s possible with God. The only ceiling under an open Heaven is the one we build there through our own limited thinking. Through a very methodical, easy-to-read process, Jennifer takes you through the process of having faith, releasing the Word of the Lord over your dreams, drawing inspiration from testimonies of other wild dreamers (I love that!), moving past failure, making healthy alignments, dealing with doubt, and ultimately taking all the limitations off what God can do.

Jennifer LeClaire’s new book provokes you to see impossibilities as logical. It makes absolute sense for believers, filled with the Spirit of God—the Spirit who created all things—to dream impossible dreams. Receive Dream Wild as your personal prophetic permission slip to imagine the impossible and cooperate with God Almighty to see what’s in Heaven released into the Earth through your imagination, creativity, and wild dreams!

Larry Sparks, MDiv.

Publisher, Destiny Image, Co-author of The Fire That Never Sleeps with Dr. Michael Brown and John Kilpatrick