It’s frustrating not to remember your dreams, not to understand what God is saying to you in your prophetic dreams–or not to dream at all!

In the Dream Activation Tour, veteran prophetic dreamer Jennifer LeClaire will turn on the lights, so to speak, with a dream activation message, along with prayers and decrees that activate–or reactivate–your prophetic dream life.

You’ll discover:


-Keys to remembering dreams when you wake up

-How to unlock the mysteries of your dream life

-Tips for decoding your personal dream language

-Prayers that break enemy interference in your dreams

-Decrees that set the stage for epic dreams

And much more! 


Jennifer’s prophetic teaching, activation prayer and live dream interpretation digital event will offer you the inspiration you need to press into everything God is saying to you while you sleep.

What James Goll Says About Jennifer’s Work in Dreams:


“Having had the benefit of hanging out with the seers and naba prophets both, I always have my eyeballs open for the next generation of prophetic dreamers. Many new voices are quickly emerging on the scene. Now appears Jennifer LeClaire, a dreamer in her generation. Yes, here comes another dreamer of God’s big dreams. Jennifer now picks up the baton that others and I have carried … she now comes along your side to help you build a framework to enable you to understand the work of this Master Weaver in your personal dream life.”


James Goll
Author of The Seer

Get equipped. Get activated. Get enrolled. 


Is this an online event?

Yes, this event is totally online.

What if I can't watch live?

That’s okay. You can watch the course on demand. If you are a premium student, you can send in your questions ahead of time for the live Q&A.

How long is the teaching?

The teaching is an hour or more.

How long is the Q&A?

The Live Q&A is one hour.

How long is the Dream Interpretation segment?

The Live Q&A is one hour.

Will the Q&A and dream interpretation take place after the teaching?

No, Jennifer wants you to hear the message before enjoying the live dream interpretation so you will receive more. The message will be released to you first, and then the other parts you register for will be scheduled one week later to make sure you’ve had time to consider your questions. 

Teaching: August 21, 2021
Q&A and Dream Interpretation: August 28, 2021

You can also watch this at your convenience, on demand, anytime.