During on morning prayer call, God spoke to me about the hour of the remnant. Specifically, He said:

I am calling forth My remnant, those who will cooperate with My Spirit and with truth; those who will speak forth the words that I put in their mouth no matter who likes it and no matter who doesn’t like it.

For I have called you to gather together and to band together in small groups and even large groups. But unified groups are what I am after. I am after groups of unified believers who are crying out in my name so I can hear their voice and heal their land.

Who will gather? Who will be part of the remnant that I am calling together in this hour? The praying church…. the on fire believers … the ones who will not take no for an answer when the enemy is standing in the way between what I’ve called you to and the reality of the promise.

I am rising. I am rising. My Spirit is rising and I am looking for the remnant to rise with Me. Who will ascend to the holy hill, to the mountain of the Most High? Those with clean hands and a pure heart. The remnant.

I am calling the remnant. I am calling the remnant. I am calling the remnant.

I am calling you out of your caves and out of your closets. I’m calling some of you out of your churches. I’m calling some of you out of the business world and into ministry. I am calling the remnant. I am calling the remnant to prayer. I want to hear the prayers of the remnant, unified, unified, unified, unified, unified, unified together, touching and agreeing together.

This word is stirring the hearts of believers around the world. So I’ve developed an 8-part teaching to help you discern the remnant. Let me put it this way, many will claim remnant status but fewer are part of this group. It’s the church within the church.


In this webinar series, you'll learn:

– What is the Remnant?
– Discerning Remnant Believers
– Operating in the Remnant Anointing
– Recognizing Remnant Intercessors
– Knowing Remnant Warriors
– Perceiving Remnant Prophets
– Seeing the End-Times Remnant Church
– Receiving Remnant Rewards

This is the hour of the rising remnant. It's a critical time in church history. We need to run with the remnant, receive from the remnant and rise together.

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