Are we in the end times? If so, what point are we at? Is it possible to even know?


We're increasingly seeing nations shaking, plagues, wars and rumors of wars, which are among the signs Jesus mentioned in Matthew 24.


We're also seeing more date setters insisting Jesus will return at any moment, as well as “experts” arguing about which Revelation 8 trumpets have blown and what horses of the apocalypse they are reportedly seeing in the spirit.


Jesus expects us to discern the signs of the times for ourselves. The end times (and the signs of end times realities) are vital for every believer to understand. If we ignore this topic, we could be deceived by false prophets and find ourselves unprepared naturally and spiritually for what is happening in the earth.

In this course, Jennifer offers about nine hours of teaching in 30-minute segments that leave you plenty to think about as you study the scriptures along with her. Don't miss this opportunity to get clear Bible truth outlined in an easy to understand format with challenging thoughts and encouraging words.


This course begins Oct. 1

Price $29