A no-holds barred exposure of false prophetic practices…

This webinar series goes BEYOND the best-selling book by the same name. While the book gives you a solid foundation and something to refer back to, this webinar series will take the principles in the book and expound on them with practical teaching and prophetic revelation I’ve received since writing the book.

This webinar offers a holds-barred exposure of false prophets and prophecy, as well as warnings to beware of presumptuous and immature prophets who, because of limited or poor training, are engaging in practices that are leading them (and maybe you) into deception.

This series of teachings will open your eyes and make the best-selling book come to life in an even deeper way. In fact, it could save your spiritual life. Too many people have seen their faith shipwrecked by believing false prophecy or serving false prophets. It’s time to see the light and walk out of the witchcraft.

You can watch this at your convenience, on demand, anytime.