Satan is a highly strategic spiritual warfare strategist. If we are ignorant of his power structure, his maneuvers and how to resist him we will live in defeat.

The good news is Scripture offers revelation about his dark kingdom, how it’s organized and how it operates so we discern and defeat every satanic attack.

In my series, Know Your Enemy, I’ll expose hidden satanic paradigms. Class titles include:


-Exposing the Enemy’s Greatest Deception

-Lucifer's Personality, Pride and Plots

-Engaging in Kingdom Warfare

-Satanic Princes, Rulers & Powers

-The Devil's Deadly Schemes & Weaponry

-Demonic Authority, Rights & Other Realities

This course will leave you battle-ready and armed with an understanding of the enemies you face so you can conquer satanic assignments against your life.

Watch online on demand.
One class is released each week until the classes are finished.

Price: $197