I remember the first time I cast out a devil over 20 years ago. I was a spontaneous deliverance that saw a woman dramatically set free from oppression. I was in awe of the Holy Spirit’s power to drive out demons.

But without formal training, I soon wound up in some dangerous situations I wasn’t prepared to navigate. I was assaulted by a demonized people and faced retaliation from demonic powers.

After several satanic attacks, I decided to get equipped. See, there are foundational truths we need to understand before we engage with demonic powers.

Effective deliverance ministry is more than just screaming “come out!” And with many false ministers making a show out of deliverance unequipped believers are mimicking practices that grieve the very Holy Spirit that drives out devils. Let’s face it, good intentions don’t always yield good results.

Still, Jesus gave us a mandate to cast out demons (see Mark 16:17).With deliverance ministry in the spotlight, it’s time to get rooted in what the Bible teaches about deliverance using Christ as our model of safe and effective practices.

In my Deliverance Bootcamp, I’ll give you the biblical foundation you need to cast out demons like Jesus.

You’ll discover the ins and outs of deliverance ministry and get equipped to glorify God by exercising His power and authority to set the captives free.


The bootcamp includes five lessons of least 45 minutes and includes topics such as:

-Christ’s Deliverance Ministry

-How Demons Enter People’s Minds & Bodies

-Sure Signs of Demonic Oppression

-Cultivating Discernment in Deliverance

-Discerning Demonic Gangs

Watch on demand at your convenience.

Class begins December 17, 2023.





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