Could you fall for the great end times deception?


The truth is if you don’t think you can be deceived, you already are. Satan has been deceiving people since the Garden of Eden.


The Bible tells us plainly not to be deceived. And you cannot read a single book in the New Testament that doesn’t offer a warning about deception.


As we go deeper into the end times the deception is rising rapidly. There are false doctrines, false prophets, false teachers, false apostles, false pastors, false deliverance ministers, false anointings, false signs and wonders and more.


Here’s the scary part: not only can anyone can be deceived–many who call themselves Christians are already deceived. And some are deceiving others and being deceived (1 Tim. 3:13).


The good news is you can escape the great end times deception if you know what to expect and how to guard against it. In this course, I will expose end times deceptions and arm you with truth that serves as a shield against what’s already happening and what’s soon coming.

The lessons are at least 45-minutes each and include class titles such as:

  • Warning: Do Not be Deceived

  • Escaping the Words of False Prophets |Part 1

  • Escaping the Words of False Prophets |Part 2

  • Escaping the Words of False Prophets |Part 3

  • Escaping the Works of False Apostles

  • Escaping the Leaven of False Teachers

  • Escaping the Witchcraft of False Deliverance Ministries

  • Escaping the Wonder of False Supernatural Manifestations

  • Escaping the Spirit of Error Rising in the Earth

  • Escaping the Strong Delusion That Will be Released

  • Escaping the Great Falling Away That Must Come

  • Deliverance from Deception

Classes can be viewed on demand at your leisure.

PRICE: $159