Many years ago, I was on the phone with Cindy Jacobs discussing my transitions at Charisma.

Out of nowhere, she made a prophetic announcement, “You are in a season of crazy favor.” Suddenly, it was like a flip switched on and there was favor, favor everywhere.

Cindy decreed crazy favor and I had favor with publishers, favor with bankers, favor with editors, favor with everyone everywhere all the time!

Maybe you could use some crazy favor in the midst of a trial or in the warfare…

I heard the Lord say, “My favor is sufficient. My favor will overwhelm you. My favor will open doors for you. Believe Me for My favor, says the Lord. Ask Me for what I want to give you. Ask for rain in the season of rain.”

I'm decreeing crazy favor over you. But I also want to teach you how to walk in it!




In this 12-part series, you'll learn how to walk in crazy favor with the following classes:

Crazy Favor Belongs to You
The Crazy Favor Advantage, Part 1
The Crazy Favor Advantage, Part 2
Activating Crazy Favor, Part 1
Activating Crazy Favor, Part 2
Growing in Crazy Favor, Part 1
Growing in Crazy Favor, Part 2
Accessing Double Crazy Favor
Double Crazy Favor as Vindication
Double Crazy Favor After Passing the Test
Crazy Favor as Restoration
Overcoming Enemies of Crazy Favor


You can watch these classes on demand, at your convenience, as many times as you want.

PRICE: $49