You have a prophetic destiny—but you will have plenty of challenges along the path to fulfilling it.

Most people don’t know where to even start down that path—how to find God’s will, how to overcome obstacles, how to discern the season they are in, get the right equipping or build the right relationships to move toward God’s highest call for their live.

This webinar will give you a clear outline—and clear truth—on what to do and what to expect as you pursue God’s purpose for your life.

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • How to determine what you are called to do

  • How to discern your times and seasons

  • How to deal with spiritual warfare against your destiny

  • How to find mentors that will help you on your journey

  • How to resist the temptation to give up

  • And much more!

Whether you are a homemaker, a CEO, a lay minister, or a full-time pastor, this webinar blends the practical with the spiritual to help you understand God’s unique call on your life and how to travel the road to your destiny. I’ll use examples from my personal life and prophesy to you along the way.

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