While on my morning prayer call, I felt the Holy Spirit stirring me. Suddenly, I released a pivotal prophecy for the Body of Christ. This is the prophecy:


Pray in My Spirit and I will do a work on the inside of you that will birth miracles in you and miracles through you. Pray in the Spirit. That is the master key that so many of My children are missing. For they read the Word, read the Word, read the Word, read the Word which does so much good in their soul, but when they begin to pray in the Spirit in conjunction with reading the Word a revival begins to break out in their heart that spills over into their words into their cities and churches and the lost begin to take notice.


I’m supercharging you even now as you pray in the Spirit. So do not delay by putting off this vital aspect of your life in Christ any longer. But begin to walk like He walked as you talk like He talked and think like He thinks and pray like He prayed, going off to secret places early in the morning, waiting on Me for direction, only doing what He saw Me do.


Do it my way. I won’t do it your way, but I’ll help you do it My way. I have a life of power, of prophetic wonder for you. So stand firm in My promises and do not budge form the place that I’ve called you to stand, and pray in the Spirit and speak the Word only and watch what happens when you combine this with that, the Word with the Spirit. Watch the revival that breaks out in your heart and in your mind, in your soul, in your emotions, every bit of you. You will begin to burn and shine for Me and the world will stand up and take notice.


Over the next 90 days if you will commit yourself to praying in the Sprit full on, I will do miracles on the inside of you and I will even change circumstances on the outside. If you’ll just pray in the Spirit, you’ll see that some of those circumstances on the outside won’t bother you on the inside and some of those things on the inside will have to come out and go to the outside because they don’t belong in you. And if you’ll let Me mortify that inner life, the part that is warring against My Spirit, those places that are infiltrated by the enemies lies, you will see new life will spring forth. 90 days to better you.


The 90-Day Spirit Prayer Challenge is a series of teachings, insights on praying in the Spirit and pray-along sessions that will encourage you to stay on track with what God said He wants to do in this prophetic word.


We have 67 pages of testimonies from the Transform: 90-Day Prayer Challenge. Here are just a few….


Casting Out Fear

“I’ve noticed that since I’ve been praying in tongues fear is vanishing 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
I’m strengthened in mind body and soul!” Darlene C.

My Hope Abounds

“My hope has increased.  I know that the Lord is doing a great work in me even if I do not quite know what it is right now.” Veronique

Miracles and More

“Discernment has kicked in even more. I have seen miracles and look forward to seeing more!” Angela

Divine Appointments Manifesting

“I have noticed an increase in divine appointments (seeing people I know, prayer burdens, divine intervention) and I have also received an increase in prophetic messages from God.” Margaret

Dreaming, Dreaming

“I have been having dreams on a higher level” Karen L.

Mindset is Changing

“In just the short time, my heart is changing, mindset of has have changed, stable thinking abilities, relationship with my husband and getting better.” Kim F.

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