I meet so many believers who tell me they can’t see in the spirit.
Here’s what I know: The enemy doesn’t want you to see in the spirit because when you do,
everything changes!

God is opening the eyes of believers all over the world—and He’s upgrading prophetic vision of those who already see. 

It’s time for you to go beyond hearing what God is saying to seeing what God is doing!

On the last 20 years, I’ve been on a prophetic journey with God—but in the last several years God has opened my spiritual eyes wider and wider. I want to activate you in this gift and challenge you to grow in this vital aspect of prophetic life. 


In the Seer Activation Challenge, you will learn:

  • Mechanics of seeing in the spirit

  • How to build your faith to see in the spirit

  • How to position yourself to see more clearly

  • Understand seer gateways

  • Avoid pitfalls of the seer dimensions

  • Practice seer activations

  • Impartation prayers

  • Q&A

  • And more!


I will personally walk you through 30 SEER ACTIVATIONS in individual short-form video teachings that you can tackle one at a time and watch over and over again on demand, as well as sharing some of my experiences in the seer dimensions along the way.


Of course, in each session I will pray for you.


And all registrants will have the opportunity to submit questions about seer dimensions that I will answer at the end of various sessions.

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