How much has the enemy stolen from you? Whether it's time, money, family members or just your peace of mind, you can recover all!

Jesus told us the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy but that He came to give us an abundant life (see John 10:10). If they enemy is wreaking havoc on your life, it's time to get equipped, sharpen your warfare skills and take back what the devil stole!

This school consists of nine four-hour classes, as well as recommended reading materials and homework assignments. Though we value intensive schools, we believe this format will allow you to better absorb the lessons, exercise what you’ve learned, and cooperate with the Holy Spirit to go deeper into prophetic principles and grasp the truths presented, meditating on what you’ve heard and seen.

We recommend you not only take notes, but journal your experiences as you go through this course so you can see the transformation in your life during this nine-month spiritual warfare expedition.

Walk in Victory with Jennifer LeClaire’s School of Spiritual Warfare

Jennifer LeClaire is a time-tested spiritual warrior and a best-selling author of books including The Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to Defeating JezebelSatan’s Deadly TrioWaging Prophetic Warfare and The Spiritual Warfare Battle Plan. Now, Jennifer wants to teach you how to walk in victory over the schemes of the enemy against your mind, your body, your family and your finances–and any other area the wicked one may attack.

My goal is to train an army of spiritual warriors who are bold and wise. In my School of Spiritual Warfare, you’ll be taught, trained and have an opportunity to do spiritual warfare drills in a safe setting. You’ll receive course materials, including teaching outlines and a list of online resources to tap into. We’ll do Q&As, answer the hard questions, and explore issues together as part of the school. Impartation and activation will be a huge part of the school.

I’m offering 9 monthly sessions—that’s 18 individual lessons—so you truly have time to absorb the materials. Yes, you’ll have homework to take you deeper.

The price works out to about $30 per four-hour-plus session, which is less than you’d spend going to the movies and dinner. It’s time to invest in yourself!

You will be given course materials, along with a list of suggested reading materials. If you miss a live course, you can view a replay on demand—for life.



  • Know Your Enemy
  • Know Your Authority
  • Understanding Your Armor
  • Learning to Wield Your Weapons
  • Closing Open Doors for Enemy Attack
  • Waging Prophetic Warfare
  • Wrestling With Christian Witchcraft
  • Battling the Jezebel Spirit
  • Engaging With Angelic Armies
  • Breaking Word Curses, Hexes, Vexes, and Spells
  • Conquering Water Spirits
  • The Power of Praise and Worship
  • Winning the Battle in Your Mind
  • Resisting Advanced Persistent Threats

Most churches don’t teach spiritual warfare, and many that do have an out-of-balance focus on the enemy. We have the victory in Christ, but we have to enforce that victory. In other words, we need to learn how to use the weapons of our warfare. I know how to fight and win and I want to teach you!


Graduation Certificates Available Upon Course Completion 

Recommend Materials:

Jezebel's Puppets
Satan's Deadly Trio
Waging Prophetic Warfare
Spiritual Warfare Battle Plan
Defeating Jezebel
101 Tactics for Spiritual Warfare
Defeating Water Spirits
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