Do you experience nocturnal warfare? Are you being tormented in your dreams? Do you wake up exhausted, or with scratches or bruises on your body? It could be astral projectors attacking you while you are sleeping and unable to fight back.

Twice in the past five years, I’ve had witches astral project into my room. Both times, I had sleep disturbances and woke up with scratches on my body in places that I could not physically reach.

Keep in mind, these witches claimed to be Christians.

It won’t happen a third time. I learned how to shut it down and now I am going to teach you!

Astral projection is creeping into the Body of Christ. Spiritually hungry believers are being deceived so-called “Christian” books and courses that teach people how to leave their body at will. They are essentially exploring the seer dimensions and spirit realms illegally. Jesus is the only door to the supernatural.

Obviously, astral projection is demonic but it’s finding a home among Christians who don’t know what the Word of God says about the dark side. We are indeed in a time when people are deceiving and being deceived (see 2 Timothy 3:13).

We do not need to be afraid, but we need to be equipped to speak the truth in love—and ward off astral attacks from witches, warlocks and Christians who have been blinded by their hunger and impatience to experience the supernatural.

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