You have an anointing. The question is, do you have a revelation of that anointing? Do you know how to increase and release that anointing?

The anointing will cause you to prosper. The anointing empowers you to persevere through trials. The anointing breaks the yoke of bondage off your life. The anointing heals all your sickness and diseases. The anointing gives you extraordinary victory on all sides.

If you are not releasing the anointing, you're not living in the overflow life Jesus died to give you.

Let me teach you dynamics of the anointing so you can walk in uncommon success. You'll discover how to operate in diverse anointings for breakthrough. You'll learn how to release your anointing to see others healed and delivered. You'll lean in to receive a double-portion anointing and so much more. This will transform your life.

Classes are at least 45-minutes each and can be watched on demand.
Class titles are:

  • Understanding the Anointing

  • What the Anointing Can Do

  • Unlocking the Anointing

  • Increasing Your Anointing, Part 1

  • Increasing Your Anointing, Part 2

  • Increasing Your Anointing, Part 3

  • The Cost of the Anointing

  • How You Lose the Anointing

  • Uncommon Anointings

  • Discerning False Anointings

PRICE: $67