Angels are God’s supernatural agents on assignment in the earth, but most Christians don’t understand how to navigate the mysteries of the angelic realm.


Hebrews 1:14 tells us angels are ministering spirits, sent to serve, accompany and protect God’s people. And Hebrews 12:22 assures us these supernatural messengers are innumerable.


When you understand the ranks of angels, their roles and purposes, you can better partner with these invisible helpers to see God’s will come to pass in your life.


In my new series, Activating Angels on Assignment, I’ll teach you:

-Why Angelic Visitations Are Rising
-The Various Types of Angels
-The Purpose and Function of Angels
-How to Discern Angelic Activity
-Angelic Deceptions to Avoid
-Partnering With Angels in Prayer
-How to Activate Angels on Assignment
-And Much more!


Armed with this information, you can work with angels accurately and see supernatural breakthrough results in your life.

Watch online on demand.
One class is released each week until the classes are finished.

Price: $159

Class begins April 11, 2023.