Jennifer LeClaire's School of the Spirit

School of Prayer and Intercession Individual Teachings:

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Keys to Determined Prayer That Drives Breakthrough

Discernment in Prayer & Intercession | Part 2

Discernment in Prayer & Intercession | Part 1

Discerning Jezebel's Intercessors in Your Midst

On-Site Intercession: Praying with Proximity

The Psalmist's Secret to Answered Intercession

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School of the Seers Individual Lessons



School of Prophecy Individual Lessons

Tapping into Your Prophetic Potential – Part 1

Tapping into Your Prophetic Potential- Part 2

When to Release a Difficult Prophetic Word

Getting Rooted in Prophetic Ministry, Part 1

Getting Rooted in Prophetic Ministry, Part 2

3 Ways to Raise Your Prophetic Water Level

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School of Spiritual Warfare

Understanding the Antichrist's Anti-Anointing Agenda

The Overcomer's Most Potent Weapon of Warfare

Tactics for Resisting the Devil's Onslaught

Spiritual Warfare Tactics for Overwhelming Victory

Spiritual Protection Against Enemy Attacks

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Writer's Bootcamp:

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An Easy Guide to Structuring a Simple Story

25 Key Elements of Strong Creative Writing

Finding Your Voice When You Feel Like You Have Laryngitis

Overcoming Writer’s Block Instead of Beating Your Head Against the Wall

Marketing Your Message—Getting Your Writing to the Masses

Misc Courses:

Seer Activation Challenge- Part 1

Aug 4th 2018 @ 10am ET

Seer Activation Challenge- 2.0

Seer Activation Challenge 2.0

Overcoming Destiny-Stealing Procrastination

Drowning Water Spirits: A Spiritual Warfare Intensive

Free Courses:

What You Need to Know to Walk in Victorious Spiritual Warfare

Supernatural Shift: Unlocking Your Miracle

Leviathan Rising: A Vivid Dream About Water Spirits Clashing in a Stormy Ocean

21 Building Blocks of Great Non-Fiction Books

2018 Prophecy: Metamorphosis, Acceleration, Innovation


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