Jennifer LeClaire's
School of the Spirit

“The School of Prophecy and School of Spiritual Warfare are changing my paradigm on what the prophetic and spiritual warfare actually are! Your teachings carry a lot of weight. It lines up with the Word!”

—Richard Labelle

“I’m receiving so much out of the School of the Prophecy. God is speaking and I’m hearing. I’m growing so much and I’m so grateful. Since I’ve joined this class and the Ignite network I’ve noticed such an increase in discernment and seeing in the spirit. It’s a wild ride! I’m witnessing firsthand the power of alignment.”

—Audra Moodley

“I am enrolled in the School of the Seers. Words cannot express all that the Lord has taught me through your obedience and tireless efforts.  Your edifying words and pure teaching of God’s Holy Word are like an arrow that is so on target it penetrates the mark all the way through to the other side. Thank you for your obedience.”

—Brenna Day

“Jennifer delivered a powerful message on Spiritual Warfare from Joshua 10 and I was able to stand and withstand and see a mighty deliverance from our God. I`m certain that without this intervention I would have been just another casualty of the enemy.”

—Timothy Binder

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